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As a professional press plate maker and wholesaler, HUAMEI fully understands what customers really want from us, and our marketing team is composed of many experts that have rich expertise and experience in press plate production, allowing them to provide prompt and comprehensive advice.

Technical Consultation
Press moulds play a very important role in deciding the quality of manmade boards, and we can provide reasonable solutions to avoid the generation of uneven gloss and other problems.

Special Texture Design
1. We can design special textures according to customers’ preference, applied decorative paper or actual application condition.
2. If requested, our press plates could be supplied with textures similar to that of veneer, rock, wallpaper, etc.
3. For synchronized texture, we need to communicate with customers to work out a plan so as to make our press plate work well with applied decorative paper. This is commonly used for laminate flooring.

After-Sales Service
1. Press plates for furniture board require regular refurbishment, and this is not easy for laymen. Given this, our workers will finish refurbishment for you, and service item includes surface cleaning, sheen level adjustment, texture restructuring and so on.
2. For newcomers in this field, we can offer a series of consulting services, such as how to use a press plate correctly, how to solve problems encountered during application, etc.

As a China manmade board mould supplier with over 10 years of manufacturing experience, HUAMEI offers a wide range of stainless steel press plates and door moulds. Due to our consistent focus on product quality and customer service, we are highly praised by worldwide customers.

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