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Hard Steel 633 - A Landmark for Press Plate Production

After two years of continuous technical research with our strategic partners, HUAMEI successfully develops a kind of stainless steel to fabricate press plates, that is Hard Steel 633.

When compared with common stainless steel, Hard Steel 633 shows a much higher hardness grade. So, corresponding press plate is able to work for a longer time, and its technical parameters are comparable to, or even superior than those of European press plates, but its price is only a little higher than that of conventional press plate. Owing to these properties, Hard Steel 633 provides a cost-effective solution for making press plates, and it is indeed a landmark in this industry.

Comparison of Different Raw Materials
Steel type AISI 304 AISI 410 Hard Steel 633
Tensile strength (MPa) 520 1050 1100
Yield strength (MPa) 205 303 300
Hardness (HRC) 19 38-40 38-42
Advantage and disadvantage 1. Low price
2. Stable quality
3. Low hardness (easy to be scratched)
1. Stable quality
2. High hardness (resistant to scratch)
3. High price
1. Low price
2. Stable quality
3. High hardness (resistant to scratch and impact)
4. Long service life

As a China-based manmade board mould provider, HUAMEI fabricates a wide range of stainless steel press plates, including press plate for HPL, press plate for MFC, press plate for flooring and so on. These products are made from hard steel 633 so as to deliver satisfying performance for a long time.

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