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Design and Production Capacity

Technical innovation is the power for the rapid development of HUAMEI. In fierce market competition, the enterprise strength and the independent innovation are the main factors for a company to keep competitive. Depending on powerful scientific research strength, our company makes great achievement in patent development.

Research and Development Centre

Sharing the same values with HUAMEI, our first class research and development team has rich experience in the industry. The press plates with complicated surface design are all self-developed by our designers.

1. Design Process
The design process mainly includes material selection, design, sample making, data recording, and effect confirmation. Our designer will make analysis on the grain of the raw material, and then draw pictures on the computer with software. The production technology depends on the characteristic of the grain. Upon the completion of the steel plate, our engineers will use the steel plate to make fire-proof plate or MDF board, for further confirmation on the pressing effect. Through repeated research and experiment, a series of data will be obtained and recorded as the reference for production.

2. Professional Talents and Their Responsibility
Our research and development department is staffed with graduates from prestigious university and experienced senior engineers. Taking core technology and market demand as the guide, our R&D department is mainly responsible for developing product based on company’s development programme. In addition, they are also in charge of the development project for other development platform, such as deep embossed floor, furniture board, fire-proof plate, decorative plate, and luxury door.

3. Targeted Design
Our design is conducted based on the characteristic of the target clients. Therefore, it is capable of satisfying personalized market demand. Engaged in the industry for years, our company has mastered advanced technology, ensuring nice plate grain, reasonable design structure, and high product quality, especially in the field of embossed woodgrain product. Our press plate takes the leading position among the product home and abroad in the aspects of practicability, aesthetics optimization, operating efficiency, competitiveness, safety level, technology controllability, and product quality.

4. Full Range of Press Plate for Selection
Currently, there are over 2200 types of products available for your selection. It is sure you can find the right grain desired here. Persisting in the core philosophy of "Provide meticulous service and create value together with our client", HUAMEI is ready to provide outstanding press plate design and considerate after-sales service to customers all over the world.

Production Department
Aiming to organize the most professional press plate production team in China, HUAMEI recruits professional talents, operators and specialized customer service staff. Our company successfully produced the first piece of stainless steel press plate in China. We believe, we can bring you fresh new production experience through our high-quality product, first class service, and meticulous attitude to work.

HUAMEI is a professional manmade board mould producer in China, and our factory is located in the city of Wuxi which is very close to Shanghai, bringing extraordinary convenience for goods transportation. So, international transportation cost is reduced, and this is very meaningful for both us and global buyers.

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