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Door Mould

Our door mould is intended to manufacture melamine doors. More specifically, high pressure laminates or medium density boards are processed with melamine, and then they are compressed and polished by our door moulds at HTHP to form melamine doors. These interior doors are robust and eco-friendly (benzene-free), and they possess excellent resistance to wear, impact, moisture and fire, making them very popular on the market.

Company Advantage
HUAMEI is a customer-oriented door mould provider, and we believe that only honesty could bring economic benefit for both us and our customers. Now, we have stable raw material suppliers and diversified marketing channels, and our unrivalled logistics capacity ensures fast order processing.

Our interior door moulds are highly appreciated by many wooden door makers, such as Nature, OPPEIN, Formica, WILSONART, Dare Global, CHINA FLOORS, Royal Furniture, etc.

Available Sample

HUAMEI is a prominent producer and wholesaler of various door moulds in China, and these products are manufactured in strict compliance with international standards. We are located in the city of Wuxi which is very close to Shanghai, thus providing convenient transportation. Moreover, abundant raw materials and labor forces here help to largely reduce our production costs. Therefore, we can provide clients with high-quality products at a relatively low price.

If you are interested in door moulds or stainless steel press plates, please do not hesitate to contact us, and we are looking forward to cooperating with you!

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