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Stainless Steel Press Plate for Flooring

The stainless steel press plate for flooring is a dedicated press mould with natural texture and good wear resistance, and it allows easy maintenance. By scanning wood grains of various trees in a precise and full-digital way, our flooring press plate offers a broad range of textures, including high gloss, matt, embossed in register, etc.

Typical Structure of Laminate Flooring

1. Protective Laminate: It is composed of aluminum oxide whose hardness is only second to that of diamond. So, it is highly resistant to wear, and no maintenance is required.
2. Decorative Laminate: This layer is fabricated by printing natural wood grains on base paper, and it looks similar to solid wood.
3. Base Laminate: It is formed by compressing wood fibers, and it is eco-friendly.
4. Stabilizing Laminate: It protects flooring from deformation during production process, and it also avoids corrosion caused by moisture released by cement after laminate flooring is installed.

Company Advantage
HUAMEI manufactures high-end stainless steel press plate so as to realize continuous development of man-made board industry. Now, we have 3 stainless steel plate sanding machines (made in Netherlands), 4 mirror polishing machines (made in Japan) and 2 laser cutting machines (made in Germany). Aside from these machines, we have also self-developed 2 patented etching lines, 8 ultra-wide plating/electrolytic baths and other advanced equipment. As a result, our press plates are of reliable quality, and will deliver satisfying performance as expected.

Available Sample

HUAMEI not only fabricates stainless steel press plate for flooring, but also makes stainless steel press plates for high pressure laminate and melamine faced chipboard. Additionally, we can produce different door moulds according to customers’ specific requirements.

Through consistent effort of our dedicated staff, our press plates and door moulds are provided at competitive prices, making them well received on the global market.

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