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  • The contribution made by each member in our design team is vital to the maintaining of the first class quality of our press plate. Engaged in the industry for years, our designers are capable of applying their unique understanding on aesthetics of wood to the industrial production, perfectly displaying the beauty of the natural material.

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High Pressure Laminate Press Mould Production and Design

Welcome to the official website of HUAMEI! We are a trustworthy manmade board mould maker in China, and our product catalog mainly covers HPL press plate, MFC press plate, flooring press plate and door mould. We have accumulated a wealth of experience in designing and manufacturing press plates, thus making us capable of providing press plates for hot presses used in the production process of high pressure laminate, melamine face chipboard and laminate flooring. As a professional stainless steel press plate supplier, our company fully understands what quality means for hot press owners, and accordingly, we have introduced state-of-the-art production equipment from Netherlands, Japan, Germany and other countries, whilst professional technicians are also employed. Now, our press plates provide more than 1000 kinds of textures to meet the requirements of diversified decorative boards. In this regard, our products are divided into woodgrain texture press plate, stone finish press plate, fabric finish press plate, leather finish press plate, fancy finish press plate, deep embossed press plate, synchronized texture press plate, geometric texture press plate, high gloss press plate, matt finish press plate, suede finish press plate, HPL door mould and MDF door mould. If you are in need of press moulds or want to be a press mould distributor, please feel free to contact us! + Detail
    1. Woodgrain Texture Press Plate

      As a manmade board mould expert in China, HUAMEI is aimed at providing various kinds of textured press plate, including stainless steel press plate ...

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    1. Stone finish press plate

      As a prominent press plate manufacturer in China, HUAMEI is delighted to offer you a complete array of stainless steel press plates with different effects ...

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    1. Fabric Finish Press Plate

      HUAMEI is a well recognized stainless steel press plate wholesaler in China, and we are mainly engaged in the production and sales of press plate ...

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    1. Leather Finish Press Plate

      As a leading manmade board mould provider in China, HUAMEI is dedicated to the production of stainless steel press plates with various finish effects ...

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    1. Fancy finish press plate

      HUAMEI is a dedicated manmade board mould maker in China, and our factory is located in the city of Wuxi which is not far from Shanghai...

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    1. Deep Embossed press plate

      HUAMEI is a major stainless steel press plate provider in China, and our product catalog mainly covers press plate for high pressure laminate ...

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    1. Geometric Texture Press Plate

      HUAMEI is a major manufacturer and supplier of textured press plate in China. We run our company in strict accordance with ISO 9001 quality ...

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    1. Suede finish press plate

      HUAMEI is a China-based stainless steel press plate expert that is mainly specialized in the manufacture and sales of HPL press plate ...

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    1. Synchronized Texture (Embossed in Register) Press Plate

      HUAMEI is an ISO9001 and ISO14001 certificated manmade board mould producer in China, and we mainly provide ...

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